What’s happening with the Democrat Party?

Has the Democrat Party been taken over by woke leftists who are destroying their party? Here are three examples. Join our discussion, give us your thoughts. 

  • Each and every member of the House democrats just voted against banning trans athletes from girls and women’s sports, thus failing to protect the future of women’s sports.

  • Regarding race, the current democrat party is preaching and practicing the opposite of what Martin Luther King Jr. stood for which is, “people should not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”.

  • The current open border policies under the Biden administration is a profound crisis. No past Democrat administration has supported complete open borders.  Have the woke leftists taken over these border policies?

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  1. GoodGuy

    We are a free country. I think the Republican need to be tougher and smarter than the Democrats are.

  2. Kenny Lee

    It fits RIGHT, It feels RIGHT and it looks RIGHT! I love my Long Sleeve Tee!

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